Bio of Ed

Ed says, “Music is good....”

Ed grew up in a home where music was everywhere.  He ingested a
steady diet of beatles, beach boys, bee gees (and all other bands
starting with the letter B). His accordian playing mother, who also
made and sold dolls, bought Ed and his brothers their first
instruments after a holiday doll sale. Bass guitar became Ed's
friend. Ed played bass in Jazz band in middle, high school and
college. Also dabbling in Trombone, Tuba and a variety of other
instruments. Ed played in Blues Street Band while in middle school
and later in high school with Sum-1 and Nemesis, and performed at a
variety of high school dances, weddings, and clubs. During college as
a starving student, he played and toured the U.P. of Michigan with the
Mr Vegas band.  Ed would spend the 90's playing/touring and writing
for Monkey Chuck (bass/vocals), and later with Teenage Frames
(bass/vocals).  Ed now writes for his own entertainment, performs
concerts rarely, and does so for his own enjoyment. New songs will be
posted as they are created..........
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